In Monster Hunter Special Now Skill, Special Skills are formidable combat techniques that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Unlocking and using a Special Skill is crucial to advancing through the main storyline. This becomes your initial task as you complete the Prologue and venture into Chapter 1. The sooner you grasp the mechanics of unlocking and utilizing Special Skills, the faster you can advance in the narrative and broaden your roster of formidable monsters.

How To UNLOCK A Special Skill In Monster Hunter Special Now Skill?

To unlock a Monster Hunter Special Now Skill Now, you must enhance a weapon to grade 2 through overgrading. This process involves strengthening your equipment, and it’s crucial for advancing your capabilities. After reaching the maximum level within level 1, you can then overgrade to level 2. Continue leveling up within level 2 until you can overgrade to level 3, and so on.

Begin by accessing your equipment screen, located in the lower-left corner of the map and represented by your current weapon. From there, explore your weapon options and select the one you wish to enhance. You’ll find information about its stats, level, grade progress, and most importantly, the Special Skill (which unlocks at grade 2).

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The weapon upgrade screen in Monster Hunter Now, showing grades, stats and the Special Skill

When you’re prepared, tap the Level Up button and keep enhancing the weapon until you reach grade 2. Be aware that this process requires various resources, including monster parts and Zenny. Depending on the specific equipment, you may need to hunt a particular monster multiple times to meet the leveling requirements.

It’s important to note that each weapon type boasts a unique Special Skill tailored to that specific weapon. Therefore, it’s advisable to experiment with different weapons as you progress through your Hunter Rank to discover which one best suits your playstyle.

Upgrading a weapon in Monster Hunter Now from Grade 1 to Grade 2

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How To USE A Special Skill In Monster Hunter Special Now Skill?

Once you’ve successfully unlocked a Special Skill, equip the corresponding weapon and dive into battle. A gauge will now appear in the lower half of the screen, just above your health bar. This gauge fills as you deal damage to your foes.

When the gauge reaches its maximum capacity, you can tap it to unleash the Special Skill. For the Sword and Shield, this translates to the Perfect Rush Combo, a devastating series of powerful attacks.

What sets Special Skills apart is that, during their activation, you become impervious to damage. This means you can focus on offense without worrying about dodging enemy attacks for a brief duration.

One valuable strategy is to exercise patience with your Special Skill deployment. Rather than using it immediately, consider saving it for moments of dire need in challenging battles. Alternatively, you can reserve it for encounters with other formidable monsters. If you anticipate a tough fight ahead, it’s wise to accumulate a full gauge by battling lesser monsters before deploying your Special Skill.

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This approach proves especially beneficial if you have a potent monster waiting in a Paintball, requiring some preliminary preparations.

A tutorial showing a Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now

All The List Of Monster Hunter Special Now Skill

Monster Hunter Special Now Skill
Monster Hunter Special Now Skill

News: In Monster Hunter Special Now Skill, every weapon boasts a unique Special Skill, adding depth and variety to your arsenal.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Monster Hunter Special Now Skill for all six weapon types, along with explanations of their effects:

  • Sword and Shield Special Skill: Perfect Rush Combo – Launch forward to unleash a flurry of strikes and shield bashes. 
  • Light Bowgun Special Skill: Wyvernblast Counter – Fire a high-damage round at the monster, dealing explosive damage to the target. 
  • Bow Special Skill: Dragon Piercer – Fire an arrow that pierces through the target, dealing substantial damage. 
  • Long Sword Special Skill: Spirit Helm Breaker – Leap into the air before driving your Long Sword directly through the monster. 
  • Great Sword Special Skill: True Charged Slash – Empower your next Great Sword attack. 
  • Hammer Special Skill: Spinning Bludgeon – Unleash a series of spinning attacks culminating in a powerful upper smash that deals significant KO damage.

All Weapons, Types & Special Skills Of Monster Hunter Special Now Skill

Monster Hunter Special Now Skill
Monster Hunter Special Now Skill

Monster Hunter Now offers a diverse array of weapon types, each with a unique attacking style. Choosing the right weapon is essential for effectively dealing damage to monsters and securing victory.

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Furthermore, each weapon type features a special skill, akin to an ultimate ability that you can activate to unleash a devastating attack.

Here’s a glimpse of all the Monster Hunter Special Now Skill weapons:

Weapon How To Use Special Skill
Bow The Bow excels at launching medium-range attacks. You can charge your attacks to one of four levels, each unleashing arrows with different properties. Ideal for those seeking a classic close-combat weapon with an exciting twist. Dragon Piercer – Launches an arrow capable of piercing through anything and inflicting substantial damage to monsters.
Great Sword This weapon specializes in delivering heavy, powerful attacks. The Great Sword is perfect for melee combat against large monsters. True Charged Slash – Empowers your next attack with immense additional damage.
Hammer Though lacking precision, the Hammer delivers massive damage to monsters. It’s the ideal choice for those in search of a hard-hitting weapon. Spinning Bludgeon – Unleashes continuous damage as you swing the hammer around, culminating in a powerful upper attack.
Light Bowgun As a ranged weapon, the Light Bowgun is capable of raining down a barrage of damage. The bullets at your disposal vary based on the Bowgun, so choose wisely to maximize your effectiveness against monsters. Particularly suited for long-range assaults. Wyvernblast Counter – Fires a potent bullet inflicting substantial explosive damage to monsters.
Long Sword Execute swift and precise attacks with the Long Sword. Attacking monsters charges a ‘Spirit Gauge’ that gradually enhances your attack damage. Be cautious, as taking damage depletes the gauge progress. Perfect for those who favor agile, rapid attacks. Spirit Helm Breaker – Leap into the air and deliver a crushing attack from above.
Sword & Shield This classic yet deadly combination enables swift strikes against enemies while allowing you to block incoming attacks. It’s the perfect choice for beginners and offers versatility in combat. Perfect Rush Combo – Unleashes a potent sequence of consecutive attacks.

It’s worth noting that developers may introduce additional weapons in the future, likely drawing inspiration from the rich arsenal of the Monster Hunter franchise.

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Conclusion Of Monster Hunter Special Now Skill

That wraps up our guide to Monster Hunter Special Now Skill and how to utilize them effectively in your hunts. Also, keep up with our most recent news by remembering to visit Chuyen Gia Si.

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