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The TikTok star is known as Perfectly Kelsey (Kelsey Pumel). She has been making waves on social networks with her entertaining content. The TikTok account Perfectkelsey has more than 2 million followers who are fans of her comedy and lip-syncing videos. However, recent tragic events abut PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died have caused a stir with her followers.

Who is PerfectlyKelsey?

The TikTok star known as Perfectly Kelsey, real name Kelsey Pumel. Currently Perfectly Kelsey is 35 years old, she is a famous influencer with nearly 2.5 million TikTok followers. Thanks to the social network that creates vlog-style content and also features her five children and husband in her videos.

Kelsey previously opened up to followers about having to share her daughter Kobe with her dad, who she hasn’t had the best relationship with in the past. However, she recently shared that the two have been working together very well to do whatever is best for their daughter Kobe. But on October 23, Kelsey sadly revealed that Kobe’s father had passed away, which left both Kobe and Kelsey devastated.

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PerfectlyKelsey Revealed That Kobe’s Daughter’s Father Has Passed Away

In a sad turn of events, PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died, Devin Williams, has tragically passed away. This information was confirmed by SNBC, which reported that Devin Williams, father of Kobe’s daughter, Kelsey, was the victim of a fatal shooting. Incredibly, Williams was found with a gunshot wound, which led to his sudden death on a fateful Monday morning.

Kelsey took to her social media platforms to share the sad News with her followers. She asked fans to think of her daughter during this challenging time. It’s worth noting that Kelsey and Devin were no longer in a relationship at the time of this incident and had separated several years prior.

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She took a deep breath and Kelsey announced PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died in the video: “Kobe’s dad passed away. So we had a bit of a rough day.” She continued: “I’m not ready to talk about what happened.” However, the mother also shared that she is currently in an “angry phase”, saying “I am very angry with him”. Speaking through tears, Kelsey said: “I did everything right so he wouldn’t have any trauma and he left her a life full of it.”

Perfectly Kelsey Ex-Partner Death What Happened To Devin Williams?

She noted how her younger daughter Kobe would miss school. Kelsey also shared that Kobe learned that her father had passed away. Kelsey explained that Kobe’s grief was overwhelming and she came home from school so Kelsey could be with her when the waves hit.

Kelsey went on to share a few stories on her Instagram, showing Kobe playing in her playroom as she was surrounded by her mother, stepfather Curtis Woods, and her younger sister. Kelsey shared how Kobe had a “yes day” and how she would get anything she asked for. Kelsey has yet to reveal what happened to Kobe’s dad, although TikTokers have posted their own theories on her videos.

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Please keep Kobe in your thoughts & prayers tonight as she works through grieving this incredible loss ????

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Details What Happened To PerfectlyKelsey Ex Husband?

The PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died incident allegedly occurred at a home located on the 5900 block of Riva Ridge Drive, north of the intersection of Arlington Avenue and Thompson Road, on Monday, October 23, 2023. Officers initially The law deemed Williams’ death a self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, further investigations led to a different conclusion. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Information Officer Samone Burris revealed that another person was involved in the incident. Burris stated, “One person is already in custody and IMPD is not actively looking for more people. Investigators believe all parties involved have been identified.”

In light of these events, confusion arose over the fate of Matthew Auld, another former partner of Perfectly Kelsey. To be clear, nothing unusual happened to Matthew Auld. For the uninitiated, Auld is a popular content creator known for his TikTok account, matthewauld22, where he frequently features his daughter, Remy. He even had one of his TikTok videos reach over 1 million views, in which he recounted a fascinating encounter at a supermarket.

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Who is PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died Identity?

Kelsey has kept the identity of PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died and Kobe’s father private. However, she has been open about her and Kobe’s relationship with Kobe’s father in the past. In a video from September, Kelsey revealed that she has a better relationship than before with Kobe’s dad. She revealed that Kobe always leaves home with positive stories and that although his time with Kobe is limited, they are on track to change their parenting plans by February 2024.

PerfectlyKelsey TikTok star Kelsey Pumel breaks down in tears in heartbreaking video & reveals death of daughter's dad | The US Sun

Since learning of Kobe’s father’s passing, Kelsey has prayed for her followers and said she will take a break from social media to be there for Kobe.

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Conclusion Of PerfectlyKelsey Ex Died

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