Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Do you know about the incident being discussed on Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram? If not, let’s dive into the fascinating story of this Indonesian celebrity. Let’s discover with Chuyen Gia Si why her Instagram account is creating waves on TikTok and her arrest in the article below!

How Famous Is Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja?

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram is a renowned Indonesian model who has garnered immense fame and popularity. However, recently, her name has become synonymous with a crime that sent shockwaves through the nation. Zhafira was involved in the tragic incident of killing her newborn baby and ruthlessly disposing of the body at Ngurah Rai Airport. The News quickly spread like wildfire, dominating headlines and sparking conversations everywhere.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram
Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Official Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Since the incident, there has been a surge in fake Instagram accounts claiming to be Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja. To ensure accuracy, her genuine account is zhafiradevil__, boasting 999 followers while following 498 individuals. Zhafira has posted only two pictures on her feed, and her bio reads, “Progress, Not Perfection, Enjoy your life.” These details are crucial to keep in mind when visiting her official page.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram
Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Find Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja TikTok

While Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram account is accessible, there is no trace of her on TikTok. Online sources suggest that she voluntarily deleted her social media presence due to the immense scrutiny following the arrest and the gravity of her crime. Zhafira anticipated the criticism she would face from the public, especially on TikTok, and chose to protect herself by eliminating her Zhafira Devi TikTok profile.

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The Untold Story About Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

On that fateful day, October 15, 2023, Zhafira Devi found herself at the Legian ST Hotel in Bali along with her boyfriend. Suddenly, she experienced excruciating stomach pain, leading to an unexpected delivery in the bathroom, aided by her boyfriend. They contemplated disposing of the baby by flushing it down the toilet. However, Zhafira’s hesitation prompted them to discard the newborn in an airport dustbin. Thanks to the vigilance of a cleaning lady, the authorities were alerted, and swift action was taken.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram
Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja IG Officially Launched And Concerns With The Baby

Before this tragic incident, Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram was a rising star in the fashion industry, hailing from Semarang, Central Java. She frequently graced fashion shows and endorsed various beauty products. Zhafira graduated from Soegijapranata Catholic University, specializing in visual communications, in pursuit of her dreams and aspirations. However, her personal life has been marred by a series of tumultuous relationships, leaving her unsure about the biological father of her newborn baby.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram
Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

WATCH Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram  On YouTube

Find The Truth On Zhafira Instagram

To get an authentic glimpse into Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja’s life, visit her official Instagram account: ZHAFIRA DEVI LIESTI ATMAJA. Explore her visual journey through captivating photos and videos, and witness her triumphs and struggles firsthand.

Conclusion Of Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

This article has helped you know about the information surrounding Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram and TikTok. Although it is undeniable that her actions were difficult to forgive, the important thing is that justice prevailed and she was responsible for her actions and was arrested. The story of Zhafira Devi serves as a reminder of the complexity of human nature and the need to cherish and protect life. Do you have any thoughts on this issue? Share your views in the comments section. Also, keep up with our most recent news by remembering to visit Chuyen Gia Si.

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